Why is your next network upgrade so important to your organisation?

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News Article
20 November 2020

Have you ever considered that your next Wi-Fi upgrade is what’s going to power your digitalised classroom or workplace for years to come? 

Whether you’re an education provider or a legal enterprise, digital transformation has been brought forward and to a degree taken over due to the current pandemic – we’ve been forced to ensure our teaching practices and workforce are more agile, able to respond to the unpredictable constraints of both this and any future crisis.

So how can this be achieved? Well the key ‘enabler’ to advancing your IT will be the ‘Wi-Fi Network’.

Why Is Wi-Fi 6 So Different?

When we think of digital transformation, we think of cloud, mobility, IoT or even smart classrooms…. and the one thing all these have in common is that they are all “network-centric” in nature – that is to say, ALL driven by reliable, accessible Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi has only been with us 21 years – but how it has advanced over these two short decades both in terms of reliability, security, and performance. So what makes Wi-Fi 6 so different to it’s predecessors? Well, its all in the technology – Wi-Fi 6 is the first wireless technology designed for the ‘all wireless’ work environment.

802.1111ax/Wi-Fi 6 has the ability to support multi-user communication, enabling more than one client to talk at a time. It’s no longer a matter of it just being faster – Wi-Fi 6 advances and improves the Wi-Fi service. So as Wi-Fi becomes so critical to your future operations, the way in which Wi-Fi is managed becomes equally important. Whether troubleshooting a network, or learning from the data provided, or being proactive vs reactive, technologies like AI, machine learning and deep learning will be key considerations when looking at management solutions.

Below – we have an on-demand session delivered by the Director of Wireless Solutions at Extreme Networks, who speaks about why your next upgrade is so important and how to ensure you make the right choice. If you haven’t watched this already, we’d highly encourage you to check out the video below where you can hear the details of what’s happening in Wi-Fi today and what the key considerations are when deploying wireless technologies: