Understanding and solving the vulnerabilities of IoT devices

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News Article
5 April 2021

The world is currently in the midst of an IoT revolution, and it’s only speeding up. According to research by Gartner, more than 25 billion IoT devices will be active by the end of 2021. This exciting technological frontier offers businesses an opportunity to drive efficiency and behavioral insights while generating astronomical amounts of data for analysis.

Unfortunately many IoT devices lack basic security features and are an easy network entry point for hackers. As IoT devices continue to become more involved in businesses, network managers need to be wary of possible exploits and have a strong defense against intrusions. Extreme Networks’ IoT solutions provide best-in-class device fingerprinting, AI/ML insights, and IoT analytics in a simple and scalable manner.

The simplicity and ease of connecting devices to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth gives many users the impression that security isn’t necessary. Common smart devices, such as temperature sensors, light systems, and cameras are often connected to the network without considering vulnerabilities. Devices are often used without password protection and, left unprotected, they can open the door to hackers and malware with relative ease.

It can take only a few minutes for a hacker to gain access to a network through an unprotected IoT device, but months for network administrators to find and resolve the issue – not to mention potential cost and data implications. This means that, without taking proper precautions, your system can be invaded without being detected and could leave your data in jeopardy. Ransomware attacks have become more common in recent years, and unsecured IoT devices make it too easy for these intrusions to happen.

As a Black Diamond partner of Extreme Networks, their IoT solution provides customers with a complete package of security solutions to monitor all connected devices in one place, giving organisations a clear picture as to what devices are connected at any given time. IT administrators also have the ability to pick and choose which devices have access, giving them the power to boot any unwanted devices that could compromise the network’s security. Their technology also offers automated behavioral monitoring that pinpoints unusual activity, preventing hackers from going unnoticed.

IoT devices should be embraced for all they have to offer consumers and businesses. But, without proper security features, these helpful gadgets can leave your network wide open. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve and address security issues relating to IoT, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at NETprotocol: