How to plan for the upcoming school year In Covid-19

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News Article
29 January 2021

Schools and Colleges are working to prepare their organisations to thrive in a changing world where the IT challenges of digital transformation have intensified as the pandemic goes on.

There are many ways in which you can use your network to support these changing needs, keeping students and staff safe when onsite, whilst ensuring they can access all required resources securely when working and learning remotely. This latest webinar hears how other IT Leaders in Education have achieved this including how to:

  • Limit the infectious transmission rate during times in school

  • Carry out proximity tracing to track who has been in contact

  • Monitor capacity – identifying areas where people are congregating

  • Watch how people are moving around the school

  • Ensure all remote users have secure access to all the necessary resources

  • Make the home office look as much like the work office as possible for staff