Top 10 features of DLP solution from ARgon

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6 November 2019

Clearswift is a leading innovator in technology and ARgon is their highly commended DLP (data loss prevention) solution. ARgon ensures that emails leaving and entering your business are secure against malware, preventing vital information from leaking out and posing security risks. When reviewing your existing technology, you may want to check your solution offers against these top 10 features which are available from Clearswift’s ARgon:

1. Words and phrases

ARgon recognises and identifies key phrases within emails, newsletters and documents to highlight whether or not they have come from a reliable source or from a spoofing or phishing device. Without ARgon, this would have to be done by an IT department, which takes time, costs money and creates a breakdown in communication. Clearswift ARgon simplifies every stage of the process.

2. Consistency 

Clearswift is fully committed to updating its products around its core technology. Meaning that they are highly adaptive in responding to any risk of your information being extracted unlawfully and to removing hidden security threats.

3. Context and content

Unlike other DLP solutions, Clearswift ARgon recognises the context, as well as the content, of an email. For example the content of a CEO’s email will contain more sensitive information than someone from the admin team. ARgon will recognise what information should be going where, preventing unnecessary disruption.

4. Inbound & Outbound

Clearswift ARgon not only deals with emails leaving the organisation, it also examines emails entering the business. It upholds the same level of checks on both inbound and outbound emails, despite other DLPs not taking this approach.

5. Security Architecture

Transparency between the sender and the recipient is key when it comes to how ARgon works. Your main concern with your DLP solution may be that it will block key information and you will no longer be able to view what you need to. ARgon examines the email to decide whether or not the data needs to be encrypted. If this is the case, the sender will set a password which will provide access to the recipient, protecting any risk of outside threats gaining access, whilst retaining transparency.

6. Adaptive Redaction

In creating ARgon, Clearswift’s primary aim was to develop an adaptive redaction solution which fills the gaps that other DLP’s are facing. One of the main issues Clearswift identified was false positives, which cause information to be pulled out of an email despite it not being a threat. ARgon uses 3 key features to avoid this happening which include: Data Redaction; Document Sanitisation; and Structural Sanitisation.

7. Cost

Due to Clearswift’s comprehensive integration with Microsoft Active Directory service, they have been able to drastically reduce the cost of their products, making ARgon not just the most effective, but also the most affordable solution on the market.

8. Track and Trace Technology

These days computer viruses are so well hidden – often in places where you least expect to find them – the hackers will purposefully target vulnerable content, for example information that you’re most likely to copy and paste. Clearswift uses a IGS (Information Governance Server) which tracks content and ensures if there is hidden malware, this is removed.

9. Flexible Deployment

Clearswift ARgon can be used on premise or from a hosted environment, to ensure that employees can work flexibly and still benefit from advanced data loss protection, whatever their location.

10. 24/7 Support Service

NETprotocol and Clearswift work together to provide a dedicated support service operating 24/7 throughout the year – ensuring that your business retains optimum protection and security at all times.

To watch how this technology works please click below, or contact one of the team to arrange a demo: