Prepare for 2021 - Is your network ready for life in the #NewNormal?

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News Article
4 December 2020

It appears COVID-19 is not leaving our communities anytime soon, so the need to create a sustainable network for post pandemic operations is going to be an essential priority for 2021. As your organisation adjusts in your new ways of learning, working, and operating from dispersed locations and sites, you will be relying on enhanced network management, dexterity, control, and data insights.

Regardless of the industry you are in, an exceptionally fast, flexible, and secure connection is critical – although this is a reality that can only be achieved in today’s world with next-generation cloud-driven networking capabilities.

Below we have summarised how cloud networking will enable your organisation to acheive your IT goals in 2021 – enabling you to significantly improve network performance and access ground-breaking data to better manage the needs of your users, wherever they are based and whatever information they need.

Facilitating Agile Work Environments

As your employees, students, or customers work or study from multiple locations or sites, the challenge of keeping them connected grows more difficult. Cloud-management allows you to support highly dispersed remote and progressive environments, all managed from a central location. This allows for ‘any time’, ‘anywhere’ access to keep everyone productive, whilst enabling them to continue to work towards future objectives and targets.

IoT and Robotics Automations

The constant addition of IoT and robotics devices can lead to headaches about security and control for many organisations. Extreme’s IoT solution makes it easy to apply a secure connection to a network of authorised devices, quickly identifying and isolating compromised devices. Secure onboarding and visibility steps help automate your service, reduce risk, and minimise staff and/or student exposure.

Contact Tracing Enablement

ExtremeCloud IQ assists organisations to comply with new and wavering government regulations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing. Delivering real–time reporting of users enables organisations to analyse what’s happening inside their facilities to quickly identify hotspots, or isolate individuals or buildings if needed. Extreme’s data insights, in combination with apps by Apple and Google, provide even more tracking data to keep your workforce and/or students safe.

Occupancy Management

Utilising data insights and analytics from IoT Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensor can manage your organisation’s social distancing rules. Extreme and ecosystems partners are helping organisations to track attendance and positioning, whilst implement real–time locating. Extreme helps enable applications by identifying facility zones with excessive congregation levels, as well as trigger foot-traffic based flags noting that deep-cleaning steps should be taken to aid facility safety.

As ‘cabin fever’ intensifies and we all look for ways to return to life before the pandemic, it is important we keep in mind the health and safety of your employees, students, and customers. ExtremeCloud IQ will help enable us to return to a #newnormal with added safety features, sooner rather than later.