NSS labs report - SentinelOne achieves top 'recommended' status

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News Article
18 July 2018

100% Block Ratings Online and Offline

NSS Labs, Inc is one of the most trusted sources for independent guidance on cybersecurity solutions and services. Founded in 1991, NSS Labs’ exhaustive tests assess the security effectiveness and total cost of ownership for products the length and breadth of the industry, from web browser security to endpoint protection.

Armed with a security harness of £30m – the industry’s largest and a dedicated team of security engineers with more than two million hours of experience between them, NSS Labs’ tests are considered one of the most reliable sources in the industry.

The in-depth information provided by NSS Labs’ reports is relied on by CISOs, Chief Security Architects, SOC and Threat Analysts, and information security professionals at leading organisations around the world.

Key Findings – SentinelOne Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

  • Achieved a 97.7% security effectiveness score, designating it one of the highest scores in the test

  • Blocked 100% of malware delivered using HTTP

  • 100% of malware delivered using email

  • 100% block rate of evasions

  • 100% of malware delivered via documents and scripts

  • Recorded a 0% false positive rate, correctly identifying and allowing benign content to run

  • 100% of malware delivered via an offline mechanism

  • Excelled among market leaders in low total cost of ownership