NETprotocol partner with SentinelOne next Gen endpoint security – Guaranteed

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26 January 2017

Intel Security have recently split out the old McAfee section of the business and McAfee have re-launched their IT security portfolio independently. As part of this change McAfee have also retired various Software-as-a-Service subscription based services and so NETprotocol’s previous endpoint anti-virus solution, which was offered as part of a managed service on behalf of clients across the legal and other professional services sectors, will be end of life this January 2017. Although the SaaS AV product will remain active for a short while, no new updates or upgrades will be released.

In anticipation of these changes NETprotocol have been investigating and testing new “Next Generation” Endpoint Protection technologies and have selected SentinelOne EPP as its evolutionary replacement. The decision to take on this new software will further enhance their security proposition and optimise their clients’ abiltiy to protect against the changing threat landscape. “After rigorous testing, the reason we selected SentinelOne’s technology is its unique ability to both predict malicious behaviour, rapidly eliminate threats and seamlessly adapt defences against potential attacks,” NETprotocol’s Technical Director, Mike Batters reveals.

“The key to effective endpoint protection lies in the dynamic ability to analyse and predict any threatening behaviour, allowing us to respond to this intelligently at machine speed. This is the essence of SentinelOne,” Mike adds.

SentinelOne offers a far richer feature set than other comparable products, however NETprotocol have worked hard to offer this product at a very competitive cost providing further value to clients nationwide. “Having worked on a smooth migration of the technologies over the course of December, we are very pleased with our decision to make the transition and clients have to date, received little or no disruption throughout the process,” Mike confirms.

If you are looking at reviewing your endpoint protection NETprotocol would highly recommend SentinelOne as a trusted technology for legal firms and other security-conscious sectors in the UK.

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