Keeping your dynamic workforce secure with cyber AI - watch here how It works

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News Article
25 January 2021

Is your business operating from dispersed locations with employees working from numerous / remote environments, accessing IT systems and data through a multitude of cloud-based applications, which reside outside the protection of a defined corporate network?

In today’s increasingly digital business world, even the most private documentation is now regularly revised online, transferred over email, and stored in the cloud. This shift creates an urgent need for cyber defences that can safeguard these files across complex and hybrid infrastructures. Many firms do not employ large security teams, and few have adequately prepared themselves for the stealthy behavior and machine speed of modern cyber-attacks.

Whilst this new way of working is the future, it also compromises your security, reducing visibility and rendering the security of your network perimeter obsolete. What you need is intelligent, unified defences which protect your corporate systems and client data, no matter where your staff are working from, or what device they are accessing applications with. To find out how you can detect the full range of cyber threats across your entire workforce