Flexible payment options for networking during COVID crisis - ends September 2020

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News Article
4 April 2020

Will restricted access to funding and budget constraints due to the current uncertainty cause possible delays to some of the up and coming IT projects and improvements you have planned?

It is important that you’re able to keep your business connected and opertational during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, with long-term decisions not being dictated by the current short-term macro-economic hurdles.

Together, NETprotocol is working with leading networking vendor, Extreme to find ways to respond to the challenges you face, and have agreed a range of customised financial plans which we can offer you to support your on-going IT objectives, whilst fitting with your current financial restrictions.

If your organisation is looking beyond lockdown and would like to prepare for when it’s over, one of the three schemes below may help place you in a stronger position for that time, without imposing any financial risk:


Acquire your solution today and pay nothing for the first 90 days with 100% financing, including soft-costs such as installation, conversion, training and freight. Offer available for a limited time.


  • Preserves capital budget

  • Improved cash flow management

  • Spreads costs over time

  • Protects from obsolescence


Extreme’s 0% leasing allows you to hold on to capital to support other business expenses, offering clients ‘same-as-cash’ prices to acquire or upgrade your networking solution. Includes hardware, software or cloud solutions and terms apply for up to 36 months subject to credit approval. Valid on orders placed before June 30th 2020.


To help manage network infrastructure requirements, we are able to offer our network-as-a-service acquisition model; in effect offering a modern enterprise-grade network on a pay-as-you-go basis, with just a 60 day notice period. This monthly subscription enables our clients to eliminate risk and capital expenditure whilst predicting monthly costs when refreshing or swapping networking infrastructure.

How It Works…

NETprotocol and Extreme have worked in partnership for many years, serving the Legal and Education sectors throughout the UK. Now through to September 30, 2020, LEAP – the Lending Enablement & Assistance Program has been created to provide preferential financial terms for clients of NETprotocol and other selected partners. These proactive steps have been taken to ensure we can continue to deliver business critical networking solutions to our clients today, whilst helping them preserve capital.

Why Choose Extreme?

As a technology provider to the legal sector, we have learnt our best solutions are always facilitated by a forward-thinking and customer centric vendor – and this is why we partnered with Extreme Networks. Having built a highly credible and enterprise-class technology proposition, Extreme considers the financial component of your purchase to be a critical element of you finding the best solution for your business. Extreme care about our clients as much as we do, and that’s why our partnership works so well.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact NETprotocol today: