Fitting security in the planning for Microsoft Office 365

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News Article
15 May 2015

If Office 365 is in your future, when will your security planning come into play? While some migrations to the cloud are simple, others can be quite complex. It’s easy to get wrapped up in how to get to a destination, while the question of how you get there securely is overlooked.

“Why do I need additional security” is a common question we hear. Every organization needs to answer for itself whether the Office 365 security controls will provide the level of protection it has come to expect.

Phishing is the #1 method to penetrate a network, just as cost savings is the #1 reason to move email infrastructure to Office 365. In too many cases, we see the total cost of ownership (TCO) improvements evaporate due to lack of awareness or poor planning. We encourage people making this move to ask questions like: how are targeted phishing threats and malware delivered via URLs in emails addressed? How can I gain visibility into phishing attacks my users fell for? Can an email continuity service put control back in my hands, to protect from downtime should Office 365 experience a disruption? How is the risk of data exfiltration addressed? When it comes to day-to-day operations, is the threat response time acceptable?

How you answer these questions should influence your approach to security and how it is deployed. Do you retain what you have in place, despite the location of your inboxes moving to the cloud? Is a hybrid email security more suited for your needs, either to support your security during a transition period, or as an end state? Despite your inboxes being in the cloud, do you need DLP to remain on-site? We’ve seen the gamut of unique security requirements and have helped customers gain TCO improvements while staying secure.

If you are considering making the move, ask early. Our security experts at NETprotocol can support you through the planning process and will ensure you get the best solution for your business. For more information on the expertise we offer or to talk through your needs, please visit our page relating to security, or call team any time on 0330 055 3385.

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