Don't let budgets hold your network back - A simple, easy and affordable option

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News Article
1 April 2019

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of digital transformation, gain competitive advantage or grow as a business, today’s modern ‘technology-as-a-service’ era requires you to have the latest network infrastructure to enable key stakeholders, including both clients and IT users, to experience the best possible service.

Technology costs are putting increasing pressure on businesses – and you may be one of those organisations that is finding financial flexibility is preventing you from updating your networking infrastructure. NETprotocol and Extreme Network Subscription are here to help! Let us tell you more… 

Q1: Do you need to transform your network performance without the usual high costs? 

Extreme Network Subscription (ENS) is the only way you will be able to access and deploy a modern and agile networking infrastructure, without having to outlay large amounts of capital expenditure. Offering:

  • A flexible pay-as-you-go subscription model

  • No minimum fixed term contract

  • The ability to pay on-demand, with zero risk of a large investment

  • The option to to expand, contract or refresh your infrastructure as needs change and evolve

Since technology is integral to the success of any business strategy, when it comes to acquiring networking products, ENS will make your buying process smooth and straight-forward. NETprotocol will help identify the exact features, technology and footprint you need for your business today and this can be updated and refreshed flexibly as your needs change.

Q2: Why has Extreme created this flexible subscription-based payment model? 

Extreme and NETprotocol have worked in partnership for many years and together it is our collective goal to help our legal clients drive sales, increase revenue and grow their market share through technology. Extreme Network Subscription achieves that in a way no other networking vendor can – making networking acquisitions both effortless and risk-free. We are here to enhance the agility and performance of your technology – however without the right financial payment plan for your business, this is often not an option. By understanding not just what you need from a technology point of view – but also how you consume that technology has been the driving force behind this new subscription-based acquisition model. We’re here to provide a solution that works for your organisation.

Q3: Why should law firms consider Extreme’s new acquisition model over other options? 

As a technology provider to the legal sector, we have learnt our best solutions are always facilitated by a forward-thinking and customer centric vendor – and this is why we partnered with Extreme Networks. Having built a highly credible and enterprise-class technology proposition, they too consider the financial component of your purchase to be a critical element of you finding the best solution for your business. Extreme care about their end-users as much as we do and that’s why our partnership works so well. They have experts who proactively talk to the people buying the technology right through to the CFO. They put the time in to understand what it is you need – and it is for this reason that Extreme is today, the only networking vendor that offers an on-demand payment model requiring no capital outlay.

Q4 – What type of organisations are Extreme Network Subscriptions best suited for?

Extreme Network Subscriptions are suited to the needs of any-sized law firm – whether you’re a small boutique firm, larger SME or 1000+ user corporate. In short, this is an opportunity for you to access an on-premise networking solution with all the features and benefits that come with this, on a flexible Opex payment model, taking away the need to put aside budgets for ongoing maintenance, support or replacement costs, and ensuring that your organisation is best equipped to keep up in a digital world which is continuously changing.