Big bank falls victim to firewall vulnerabilities

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News Article
1 August 2019

Last week banking corporation Capital One suffered a huge blow after having a data breach which has affected over 100 million customers worldwide. Capital One is expected to lose between $575 million in fines and up to $700 million in lawsuits and compensation.

How Did This Happen?

The data breach was down to a vulnerability in the firewall which the hacker took advantage of to enter customer accounts. This was due to the firewall and web application not being properly updated and configured to protect its information against intelligent malware.

How Can I Protect My Companies-Information From Hackers?

The most important thing to take away from the Capital One data breach is that most data protection companies do not offer a complete all-rounded security solution platform. With the added risk of human error that can inadvertently allow data thieves access to private information within your business, there are ways to ensure your business is secure. NETprotocol recommends using a next-generation endpoint security solution such as SentinelOne. This technology is built to protect against known and unknown attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious behaviour at the machine speed level. The endpoint solution is fully guaranteed – in-fact, they are so sure it won’t let you down, it comes with an insurance policy that offers compensation to cover the effects of any dangerous ransomware attack which it failed to recognise.

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