Next Generation Endpoint Protection Software

Are you looking for a fully guaranteed solution to Endpoint Security? SentinelOne is the only Endpoint Protection technology provider that offers its users the option of an insurance policy with financial compensation to cover the effects of a ransomware attack which it has failed to block or remediate. This is how safe it believes its solution to be.

Why SentinelOne?

SentinelOne is an all-in-one endpoint security solution, built for the next generation threat landscape, providing protection against known & unknown attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious behaviours at machine speed.

Offering a scalable solution which will keep you protected as attacks become increasingly sophisticated, you won’t need to invest money continuously into additional layers of endpoint protection, nor will your endpoints be vulnerable to APTs or zero-day attacks any longer.

Through selecting SentinelOne as our Endpoint Security Solution, NETprotocol can help you replace existing antivirus solutions in order to expand your protection against sophisticated exploits, insider/live attacks and APTs – a solution which comes complete with deep endpoint visibility, search capabilities and real-time full-context forensics.

What’s the risk?

Gone are the days when you can stick with what you’ve got and risk breach of your IT systems and data. In fact, recent research has revealed that 81% of CIOs ranked endpoint security as their top priority in 2016. Traditional antivirus however is based on technology first developed in the 1980s which means a very worrying 25-50% of endpoint threats are missed.

If you are looking to unify prevention, detection and response in to a single, easy to deploy platform that can support small firms or scale to hundreds of thousands of endpoints, NETprotocol can help you today.

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