OneXafe & ShadowXafe

NETprotocol Certification

Premier Partner Status

StorageCraft has built a comprehensive range of enterprise-class business continuity, data management and data protection solutions, including infinite scale-out storage architecture and award-winning backup and disaster recovery products. As a trusted partner of NETprotocol, this data storage technology (OneXafe) is able to effortlessly scale to fit the needs of our legal clients, whilst the disaster recovery and backup software (ShadowXafe) means our clients are able to restore systems and data within minutes of it being lost.

As data volumes grow exponentially, data-rich organisations are finding traditional file servers no longer stack up as they can’t respond to present and future scaleablility requirements. Together with StorageCraft’s technology, NETprotocol can offer a new breed of storage and business continuity architecture which is based on objects stored in a scaleable flat structure giving:

  • Unlimited Scaleability
  • Efficient Storage Utilisation
  • Simple Storage Management
  • Continuous Availability
  • Reduced Storage Expense

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