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OneBlox & ShadowProtect

StorageCraft has built a comprehensive range of enterprise-class data management and protection solutions, including infinite scale-out storage architecture and award-winning backup and disaster recovery products. As a trusted partner of NETprotocol, this data storage technology (OneBlox) is able to effortlessly scale to fit the needs of our legal clients, whilst the disaster recovery software (ShadowProtect) means our clients are able to restore systems and data within minutes of it being lost.

OneBlox Storage Solution

As data volumes grow exponentially, legal firms are finding traditional file servers no longer stack up as they can’t respond to present and future scaleablility requirements. Together with StorageCraft’s technology, NETprotocol can offer a new breed of storage architecture which is based on objects stored in a scaleable flat structure providing:

  • Unlimited Scaleability
  • Efficient Storage Utilisation
  • Simple Storage Management
  • Continuous Availability
  • Reduced Storage Expense

Unique to OneBlox is it’s ability to combine an object-based scale-out artchitecture with plug and play application compatability requiring zero-configuration, meaning we are able to provide a highly cost effective solution with  built-in enterprise features, such as continuous data protection, encryption, in-line de-duplication and real-time remote replication.

As well as installing in under 5 minutes, OneBlox presents a seamless pool of capacity for dynamically scaled-out storage, allowing you to add drives or appliances as you go. It can also be fully integrated with OneSystem – a cloud-based storage management server allowing simple yet advanced configuration, monitoring and reporting in real-time.

ShadowProtect – Disaster Recovery & Backup Solution

Whether your office has been hit by the latest ransomare attack or has been engulfed in flames, ShadowProtect ensures you will avoid any data loss and can recover your systems in just minutes. Every IT infrastructure is different. With ShadowProtect, NETprotocol can provide a single-cross-platform solution that protects a mixed, hybrid environment, ensuring IT systems and data are fully protected and always available.

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Case study - Legal Success Story - OneBlox

Hooper, Lundy, and Bookman P.C. (HLB), is the largest american law firm dedicated solely to the representation of health care providers and suppliers. When Greg joined, he immediately started working to improve the efficiency of HLB’s IT infrastructure.
"StorageCraft gives me all the benefits of object storage, but integrates with my applications today and the ones that matter to my law firm. OneBlox is a solution that will easily scale and be dynamic as my business requirements change.”

Greg Williams, CTO, Hooper Lundy & Bookman