Diktamen - 'What's Spoken Matters'


NETprotocol Certification

Certified Partner

As experts in Legal technology, NETprotocol and Diktamen have partnered to empower law professionals to optimise producitivity and reduce costs relating to dicatation and voice recognition technology.

Our solutions enable you to take control of your dictation and transcription workflows whatever your location, increasing document productivity, client experience and business efficiency within your organisation. Founded in 2007 and delivering services to 14,000 users across 200 organisations, Diktamen is highly regarded across the legal sector. View Clients Here >

Diktamen Products: 

1. Desktop & Mobile Digital Dictation

Dictate anytime, anywhere. Complete with simple graphic user-interface which can be accessed through desktop or smartphone. Speech Recognition options are also available for fast turnaround.

2. Task Setting by Voice

No longer any need for endless emails or calls delegating tasks. Tasks can now be delivered through voice notes sent directly to the relevant person for action.

3. Customised Workflow

We work hand in hand with clients to tailor your dictation workflow process, enabling us to build a bespoke solution which includes all the necessary personal features. Customized real-time reports allow you to monitor performance, workload and turnaround.

Diktamen is an industry leading provider of dictation technology and through our partnership, NETprotocol can support legal firms of all sizes to improve processes and raise efficiency.