DataCore Software’s MaxParallel™

DataCore Software’s MaxParallel™



NETprotocol Certification

Authorised Partner

NETprotocol and DataCore Software have partnered to bring MaxParallel™ to the legal sector – a plug and play database optimisation tool deployed to enhance SQL environments, increasing speed of reporting and raising the productivity of your lawyers and wider workforce.

Designed to improve responsiveness of applications and processes bogged down by I/O bottlenecks in the operating system, legal firms will gain more billable hours and reduce infrastructure costs, through more productive use of server cores and memory.

Having undertaken extensive testing with a range of legal clients and SQL based applications, NETprotocol believes this software should be trialled in every SQL installation, as over 90% of law firms have seen a tangible ROI and increased billable hours overnight.

Improvements are visible at a glance – watch how it works:

How it works

MaxParallel™ for SQL Server applies the power of Parallel I/O technology to optimize database performance and reduce the operational costs of running the most demanding applications. It is especially effective when many users or tasks compete for data access.

DataCore’s plug and play software schedules independent access to data in parallel, eliminating much of the queueing delays at the root of the problem.

What our clients say

“We were surprised and pleased at the notable difference this plug and play tool has made to our SQL Server transactions. The fact that we just downloaded the trial and noted an immediate performance increase even when we were testing at a relatively quiet time of year, makes us excited to see what MaxParallel will deliver at peak workloads.”

Overall, Lee and Thompson achieved 59% performance improvement from MaxParallel, taking the firm just 2 days to pay for the annual licence cost. SEE FULL RESULTS HERE >>


MaxParallel is the simple remedy to sluggish or erratic response in your critical data-intensive applications. Free to download and taking only minutes to install, you can trial it free for 90 days with zero disruption.