DataCore: Software-Defined Storage


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Confidence in a well proven solution often ranks high when making strategic infrastructure choices.

DataCore SDS is the global leader of Software-Defined Storage and serves the needs of over 10,000 diverse customers worldwide, ranging from very small to some of the largest companies in the world, spanning all industries including the legal sector. Their IT environments are similarly diverse, ranging from small single site configurations to sprawling multi-site deployments. Despite this wide variety, all DataCore customers share a critical priority: their business runs on data, and they recognise the importance for it to be safeguarded and rapidly accessible.

Let’s Increase Infrastructure Agility & Reduce Costs

Is your data growing exponentially? Do your applications need raised performance? And are you finding it difficult to integrate new hardware into your current infrastructure?

As with most businesses, your storage environment will be made up of multiple devices from several manufacturers which operate in silos, as they can’t communicate with each other. This often makes them obsolete within just a few years. There is however, a better way.

Watch this video to see how you can redefine the economics and productivity of your servers and storage:

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