Darktrace - World Leading Cyber AI


NETprotocol Certification

Darktrace Partner

Built by a team of ex-British spies and mathematicians, NETprotocol has partnered with Darktrace – currently the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for cyber defence. Modelled on the human immune system, once deployed Darktrace will continuously learn what is normal in your IT environment, identifying and removing anything that is unusual or suspicious and would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

If your business is data rich – we know you will have the traditional layers of security in place, however as attack surfaces are getting broader, CIOs and IT Directors are accepting that they will still get breached – whether that be through corporate espionage in the cloud, a hacked device used remotely, ransomware or an insider threat.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI platform allows you to view your entire security performance through one interface – preventing potential threats from doing any harm to your infrastructure, before you realise they are there.

Taking just one hour to install, Darktrace is deployed through plug and play and is compatible with any IT infrastructure – all industries; all sizes; and all technologies. No presets or data input are required to set up – all it takes is 10 days until it can start to be effective. WATCH HOW IT WORKS: