SUCCESS STORY - Why Law Firm Selects Forcepoint NGFW Technology

LEGAL FIRM Automates 3-way Failover to Eliminate Risk of Downtime and Potential Loss of Network Security


Beaumont Legal is a well-established provider of legal services specialising in multiple practice areas including Conveyancing, Wills & Probate, Commercial Law and Litigation. As one of the UK’s leading conveyancing law firms, they have built a strong reputation over many years and pride themselves on client care and efficiency.

Tony Makings is Head of IT Support at the firm and is responsible for maintaining their IT infrastructure and servers, whilst ensuring business continuity at all times. He contacted NETprotocol with various concerns which needed resolving including; having no visibility of current firewall rules; experiencing long waits for any firewall reconfiguration work; and there being no failover capability in the event of any loss or interruption of internet connectivity.

“The solution that NETprotocol has implemented has exceeded what we thought was possible; to have three-way failover provides us with absolute peace of mind. I am really impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the team at NETprotocol – from sales through to implementation. Matt and the technical team were readily available when I had any questions and their engineers worked through the weekend to ensure everything was up and running correctly.”



Due to their main specialism being conveyancing, any downtime as a result of internet outage can have a major impact on staff productivity, client experience and other conveyancers in the chain (and their clients). On reviewing the firewall deployment at both of Beaumont’s offices, NETprotocol found that there was a direct interoffice link between the two sites and each office had an established connection to the internet. Existing firewall technology did not however use the interoffice link as a failover for internet access, which would normally take effect if one office lost its connectivity.


In the event of an office losing its internet connection or firewall security, Beaumont Legal needed to ensure this would automatically failover to use the other office’s connection and/or firewall – upholding complete security and business continuity in the event of an unexpected outage. Whilst achieving this, Tony Makings also highlighted that they needed to gain ongoing visibility of the rules setup on their firewall, allowing him to manage these effectively and ensure the security of their systems and client data could be maintained at all times.


After a number of meetings to discuss the best solution for Beaumont Legal, we agreed a plan which would fit with their existing infrastructure. As their previous technology was not working as intended, NETprotocol proposed Forcepoint’s next-generation SD-WAN Firewall solution, in order to facilitate complete security and business continuity.

This was firstly achieved by connecting both sites via the interoffice link – where if either the internet connection or the firewall set up should fail for one office, it would gain immediate access to the other site’s internet or firewall set up. This is an automatic process and no administrator intervention is required.

Secondly, NETprotocol then used the interoffice link to pass both local and internet traffic between the 2 offices, so again – failover could take place if an internet connection was lost at either of the sites. Traffic remains secure from both sites as this has been kept separate using VLAN technology. Finally, the third stage of the deployment was to optimise security and ensure this would not be compromised should an outage arise. To achieve this, NETprotocol configured the switches so, should the system lose an entire next-generation firewall cluster from one office, it will divert any traffic down the interoffice link to the other firewall, which once checked, would be delivered to its original destination.

On completion of this work, Beaumont Legal had 2 offices, each with a 2-node firewall cluster. They can now therefore safely lose an internet connection, or even an entire firewall cluster at either office, and still function.


With Forcepoint’s next-gen SD WAN multilink technology, this entire failover process now happens automatically to minimise the possibility of any downtime and will revert back when the connection is reinstated. Furthermore, VPN connections to both offices are available across both internet connections thanks to the Next Gen SD-WAN technology. This again means that if one internet connection was to fail, both offices would automatically be available for VPN connectivity, with no action needed from the end user.

When working in the legal sector, you can’t put a value on guaranteed security and compliance which is what Beaumont Legal have now achieved. Tony also highlights the time-saving benefits of the technologies installed by NETprotocol, removing the need for long delays should any reconfiguration be required.

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