StorageCraft Make Top 5 in Cloud Backup Enablers List - January 2019

If your business is dependent on accessing data, you will know how critical it has become to have an effective backup solution in place. The risk of losing access to customer or financial data and critical business applications can no longer be justfied.

As a result, we have seen a huge rise in the number of clients taking up cloud-based backup solutions over recent years. However with many new technology vendors entering the sector – and some being more credible than others – it is difficult to know where to start when sourcing the best solution for your needs?

A recent report has named the Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers for 2019 noting that ‘the companies which have gained a strong foothold in the industry are not all so similar.’ They found each vendor offers distinctive features and services with some being pure ‘enablers’, others being available only through the channel (resellers) and some being accessible through both options.

Technology vendors were assessed on a number of factors, such as technology, features, ease of use, dedication to MSPs, channel, revenue structure, reputation, support, price entry point, value, and corporate culture of the companies. So which, if any would suit your organisation’s needs?

Ranking as 5th in the list (see left), StorageCraft serves many of NETprotocol’s legal clients with its infinite scale-out storage architecture and award-winning backup and disaster recovery products. “With this technology, we can provide a single-cross-platform solution that protects a mixed, hybrid environment, ensuring IT systems and data are fully protected and always available. StorageCraft ensures you will avoid any data loss and can recover your systems in just minutes,” explains Mike Batters, Technical Director and Founder at NETprotocol.

Below is StorageCraft’s summary which is included in the full report – available here on >>

Ranking No 5: StorageCraft

“Utah-based StorageCraft predominantly operates through its channel partners (VARs and MSPs), but also sells its cloud-based storage services directly to the customer; supporting its partners in increasing the reach of the business; sharing success while acknowledging that the success of its partners is indeed a benchmark for its own success. The different flavours of the ShadowProtect software have won several industry awards for its fast and accurate backup, reliable DR, secure data protection and is considered the gold standard for system migration for Windows Desktops and servers. The products have the proven capacity to lower costs; reduce downtime; improve security; ensure stability and integrate the remote and mobile systems with the enterprise network.”

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