Workload Optimisation Tool

Using SQL Databases? And interested in speeding up the response time of your applications?

Knowing most law firms will answer ‘Yes’ to both of these questions, NETprotocol has sourced a solution which we believe every law firm with an SQL installation should be testing – having seen the results it delivers in just minutes…

Datacore’s plug and play software, MaxParallel™ will enable you to achieve more billable hours, through faster workload response times and therefore raising productivity across your lawyers and their support teams.

How does it work?

The technology removes a number of software chokepoints responsible for sluggish behaviour and is particularly responsive when many users or tasks compete for data access – a challenge that without MaxParallel, we see every day across law firms large and small.

Taking only minutes to install and posing zero disruption to your existing SQL environment, MaxParallel will schedule independent access to data in parallel, eliminating much of the queueing delays at the root of the problem. With a built in dashboard, this displays performance indicators before and after the software has been turned on, providing a tangible ROI instantly.

Case study - Law Firm Achieves 59% Performance Improvement

“We were surprised and pleased at the notable difference this plug and play tool has made to our SQL Server transactions. The fact that we just downloaded the trial and noted an immediate performance increase even when we were testing at a relatively quiet time of year, makes us excited to see what MaxParallel will deliver at peak workloads.”

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee & Thompson