Network Security

NETprotocol’s Next Generation Firewall solution is deployed and trusted by some of the largest and highest security environments in the world. We recommend Forcepoint’s latest Firewall technology for network border security and are one of an elite selection of resellers in the UK to have achieved ACE certification for deploying Forcepoint’s NGFW Security applications.

Key capabilities of our Network Security offering are as follows:

  • Defence of critical assets, such as regulated data repositories (customer, legal, financial, and healthcare data), email and web servers, extranets, and data centres.
  • Strong next-generation firewall capabilities, including application visibility and deep application controls for defence.
  • Strong policy-based controls which block the latest threats and eliminate unwanted traffic.
  • Identification of users and view the host applications actually used to initiate network connections.
  • Detection of potential anomalies and threats throughout the inside of an organization’s network
  • Advanced firewall security capabilities which block attacks before they occur

We also provide Enhanced Firewall Security powered by Forcepoint Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) as part of our solution, which is a comprehensive cloud-based threat intelligence service.  A reputation based system that has visibility into all types of cyber-threats globally and helps an organisation’s security infrastructure make decisions in real time across all vectors — file, web, message, and network. Domains, IP Addresses and Ports that may be hosting malware attacks can be identified and blocked, together with URLs that may be infected or websites hosting undesirable content.

Our high-assurance firewall solution offers completely flexible deployment options and is a best fit for organisations that need optimum security to protect critical assets inside the network, as part of a layered defence strategy.

Associated Technology Partners

Case study - Next Generation Firewall Managed Service - 3 Legal Firms

“NETprotocol recommended Forcepoint’s technology which they deliver as a managed service. As a result, we now benefit from the advanced level of protection provided by Forcepoint’s Next Generation Firewall, which is fully managed and monitored by Legal IT experts NETprotocol, offering us a fully secure, cost effective and hassle-free solution.”

Penny Reddington, Resource Manager, Jordan’s Solicitors.