The New Generation of Flash Storage

Fast Flash on its own isn’t enough to close the app-data gap which disrupts data delivery and velocity. That’s why Nimble Storage have created the industry’s only Predictive All Flash Array, combining Fast Flash Performance with Predictive Analytics to deliver advanced Data Velocity. This offers NETprotocol’s clients – and in particular legal companies – an outstanding investment opportunity. Together with our unrivalled knowledge of law firms, and Nimble’s market-leading newly launched All Flash Arrays, we can deliver a storage solution which is completely unmatched in terms of performance, efficiency, ROI and storage footprint.

A “Nimble” Partnership

Nimble Storage and NETprotocol joined forces in 2015 having recognised the synergy between the diverse storage needs of law firms and the benefits their All Flash technology can offer. Through working together, we help clients transform their businesses, work faster and drive continued growth. With several additional features built in (at no extra cost), the AF-Series offers a truly flexible, scalable and resilient solution which fits perfectly with the business priorities and ongoing challenges that data-driven companies face every day.

Nimble’s addition of the AF-Series allows us to offer: 

  • A single consolidation architecture
  • Up to 66% lower TCO than ALL other Flash Arrays
  • Acceleration, protection and scaleability of Enterprise appliactions
  • Unmatched Data Velocity to end users
  • Tiny device footprint with rackspace reduced by up to 90%
  • Absolute Resilience – Proven Uptime of 99.9997%
  • Highly flexible to meet changing needs long-term
  • All inclusive features – including Encryption, Replication & Predictive Analytics
  • Zero Disruption through Proactive Monitoring 24/7
  • Capex Purchase or Pay-as-you-store options