Tailored Storage for Law Firms

Nimble Storage and NETprotocol joined forces in 2015 to build what is the most credible storage solution on the market for Legal firms across the UK. 

With the industry’s only Predictive All Flash Array and a team of technical consultants who are entirely dedicated to Legal IT, together we are able to offer a hugely efficient solution with an unbeatable ROI including:

  • Optimum Performance
  • Unmatched Pricepoint
  • Reduced Rackspace
  • Exceptional ROI

Why is Nimble Storage perfect for Legal?

Delivering Fast Flash Performance with Predictive Analytics – at NON-FLASH costs – we are able to dramatically increase data velocity, reduce capital costs and TCO by <66%, whilst decrease rackspace by up to 90%. Our all-purpose SAN Solution is ideal for organisations who have diverse storage needs and offers:

  • 99.9997% Uptime – proven by real-world statistics
  • High Flexibility – scale up easily using a seamless mix of All Flash & Adaptive Flash in one array
  • Encryption – ensuring key data is protected with replication data encrypted as standard
  • Replication – Highly efficient minimising bandwidth, including failover & failback at no extra cost
  • Proactive Monitoring & Predictive Analytics as standard – 24/7 service, 9/10 issues detected before you do
  • Tiny Device Footprint – deliver the same storage & performance in up to 90% less space
  • Purchasing Options include Capex Purchase or Pay as you Store – scale up or down on demand

Together, we’re unique…. 

To discuss how you could raise the performance and ROI of your existing storage solution, or to view a 15 minute demo of Nimble’s All Flash Array – contact NETprotocol today: