Everything ICT Names Netprotocol as an Approved Supplier of IT Solutions for the Education Sector

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3 August 2023

Netprotocol is delighted to announce we are now an approved supplier on the Everything ICT Framework. This framework is recommended by the Department for Education (DfE) as part of their 'Find a Framework' initiative and offers Education providers complete confidence, that they can trust the suppliers they have chosen to work with.

How To Procure Your ICT Solutions with Confidence

Proud to be part of such an extensive and trusted procurement network within the Education sector, Everything ICT provides technology products, solutions and services which have been purchased by more than 6,000 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Multi Academy Trusts - as well as other public sector institutions.

The framework helps education providers to reduce the time needed for assessing suppliers, avoiding lengthy tendering processes but ensuring UK procurement regulations are met. Thanks to the rigorous assessment process they undertake to approve ICT suppliers; schools and colleges are offered complete assurance in terms of both compliance and value for money when working with approved suppliers.

Netprotocol has undertaken this thorough evaluation process, meaning we have been approved in areas such as value for money, innovation, customer service, insurance cover, compliance with all relevant legislations (including GDPR) and case studies, reference checks and experience within the Education sector.

Netprotocol is therefore delighted to partner with Everything ICT and demonstrate our competence as a supplier to the public sector and in particular to Education providers in the UK. 

Below we've explained more about how this unique ICT procurement channel works:

What are the benefits of buying through Everything ICT?

  • Free for Education providers to use

  • No registration or ‘joining’ process

  • All approved ICT providers meet strict public sector procurement criteria

  • Shorter timeframes can be expected for obtaining quotes

  • Savings through reduced/negotiated pricing with technology vendors

  • Greater value is offered through evaluating suppliers on cost, quality and service

  • Free advice is available on procurement regulations and tendering processes

  • Assurance of pre-agreed terms and conditions, enforced by the framework

Who can use the framework?

Everything ICT was originally set up and designed specifically for Education providers, however any Public Sector organisation can use the Framework and they now work with lots of other institutions such as NHS, MoD, Hospitals, Local Authorities and Charities.

How does Everything ICT Framework work?

A school or college's contract is set up with the framework itself, not with the supplier as would normally be the case - this is purposefully done to provide protections for the education provider. Education ICT don't pay the approved supplier (ie Netprotocol) until they know that the customer is happy; and they will work to resolve any issues on your behalf, if required.

How are approved suppliers selected?

Any supplier can apply to join the framework, however as Netprotocol experienced, there is a rigorous evaluation process which tests, amongst other things, that we comply with all the usual Public Sector requirements (e.g. DBS checks, GDPR, Modern Slavery etc.). To be accepted we had to sign up to the full Framework terms and conditions, including a commitment that customers would not be able to buy cheaper through any other route.

How does the framework ensure value for money?

The Everything ICT Framework terms and conditions are written in the interests of and on behalf of Education providers, not the suppliers. Suppliers are therefore bound to commit to the conditions of the framework, including offering the best value for money to a customer.


The DfE is currently running a Connect The Classroom funding scheme for secondary schools and colleges in the UK, which is designed to support the increased pressure that digital learning and associated security constraints are placing on the Wi-Fi networks of education providers.

To find out more about upgrading your Wi-Fi network using funding from the DfE, please click here >>

Alternatively, if you know you are eligible for funding from the Connect The Classroom scheme, please contact us and we would be happy to support you within the DfE guidelines, assist with your application submission and ultimately the delivery of the wireless upgrade project.

Tel: 0330 055 3385 ∣ Email: advice@netprotocol.net