Thycotic privileged account management (PAM) security

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10 June 2021

Keep your Privileged Passwords Safe

- Discover you Privileged Accounts
- Manage, Secure & Monitor them effectively
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Most organisations have 2-3 times the number of Privileged Accounts as they do for employee accounts. Privileged Accounts are high access, non-human accounts, such as domain or local administrators and are used by IT Admins and developers, providing unrestricted access to data and IT infrastructure. They are therefore the primary target for cyber-attackers and often the first port of call – posing one of the greatest risks for organisations which rely on keeping confidential data secure.

Thycotic is a global leader of specialist security solutions, having developed award-winning, enterprise-class Privileged Account Management (PAM) technology. Whilst the growing need to protect passwords and secure access to Privileged Accounts is becoming increasingly challenging, NETprotocol’s partnership with Thycotic has enabled us to further strengthen and enhance our security proposition, which is centred around meeting the needs of sectors bound by strict compliance requirements.

VIDEO: Why Thycotic in < 2 Minutes

Designed to serve Fortune 500 companies to small boutique firms, Thycotic’s solution is the leader within its field and allows you to:

  • Identify all Privileged Accounts on your network

  • Track & Monitor activity taking place in your Privileged Accounts

  • Enforce robust and customised password policies which maintain optimum security

  • Fully automate the management of your Privileged Account Security

  • Adhere to the rigorous audit and compliance standards of your sector

  • Reduce the inefficient overhead of manually tracking & managing Privileged credentials

  • Set up alerts in real time to detect any abnormal activity taking place on your network

Offering a platform which can be fully customised to the individual needs of each business, deployment is quick, the interface is simple to use, and the technology offers the best possible value within the Privileged Account Management market.