Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)

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News Article
5 October 2014

As the security landscape rapidly changes and malicious content targets email networks every minute of every hour of every day, protecting during and after delivery is critical. NETprotocol’s hosted Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) detects, classifies and responds to email-borne advanced threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), Zero-day attacks, Phishing, Spear phishing and Watering holes amongst others.

VIDEO: Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) Demo

One of our legal clients recently improved their threat identification and capture rate to 99% since they activated Proofpoint TAP less than 6 months ago. This has dramatically reduced the impact of malicious URL’s and attachments that can evade traditional Anti-Virus and reputation filters, delivering banking Trojans, ransomware and other sophisticated malware.

Affordable Enterprise-Class Technology 

This enterprise-performance technology is now available to SME and large organisations, thanks to NETprotocol’s unique hosted service. NETprotocol are the only UK reseller to have a license to sell Proofpoint’s TAP solution on a financially flexible model, with annual or monthly subscription agreements.

We are pleased to be offering this proposition to both SMB and Enterprise sized clients, making the Gartner leader for secure e-mail gateways an affordable defense proposition for firms of all sizes.