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6 October 2023

Did you know... almost 100% of cyber threats are human-activated? Today’s threat landscape is fundamentally characterised by social engineering - meaning attacks increasingly target people, not technology or infrastructure — and the move to cloud is intensifying that trend.

Your People Are Your New Perimeter.

Are you ready to find out how a people-centric approach to cybersecurity will keep your law firm secure, compliant and thriving?

Here's how to adopt a better email security strategy - which will defend the next cyber attack coming your way

Proofpoint email threat protection monitors not just your employees behaviours; but also the data they have access to - and uses this analysis to identify when an individual has either fallen or is likely to fall for a modern, social engineered attack.

Rated the No.1 threat protection choice for the Fortune 1000 - their advanced technology can help your business manage its 'human risk' by gaining visibility, deriving insights and applying controls unique to user's behaviour.

Attackers focus on people and here's why...

Attackers today scour the internet, using tools like Google and LinkedIn to launch a campaign against your firm - applying sophisticated tactics and targeting at scale. Due to an increasingly digitalised environment which serves often a dispersed/remote workforce - there's a new complexity as users bypass corporate networks to access your company data. Traditional security approaches are unable to offer secure protection and the adoption of cloud apps like Microsoft Office 365, adds further challenges to the network-based defensive approach.

Protect Users ∣ Secure Data ∣ Retain Compliance

Cloud apps allow valuable corporate information to traverse the internet, without passing through firewalls and other network controls; making it nigh on impossible to gain visibility of all threats affecting your people or to set up reliable alerts as these occur.

Why choose Proofpoint email security?

As the most trusted vendor in email security, Proofpoint's technology provides industry-leading innovation, with powerful insights and adaptive controls to reduce risk. Security gaps are minimised and productivity is improved with a unified platform approach.

Email is the most abused threat vector - and the average cost to remediate a successful attack far outweighs the cost of Proofpoint's email security solution.

Not sure if Proofpoint is the right solution?

Why not carry out the FREE Proofpoint Email Rapid Risk Assessment - which offers an instant two-week history of the health of your email environment. Any vulnerabilities or attacks reaching your end-user's mailboxes will be identified and disclosed.


Email remains the #1 attack vector - with our Rapid Risk Assessment tool - you will gain an instant understanding of what may be bypassing your current email security. You can use this information to guide you in how to reinforce or replace your current email protection solution, if needed.

Only a few clicks away, it couldn't be more simple to set up:

  • Takes five minutes to deploy

  • Provides an instant two-week history

  • Identifies threats facing end users

How To Check Your Emails Are Secure...

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