Next generation firewall managed service

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4 October 2021
“Our business is all about designing the right solution for each client. Forcepoint ticks all the boxes for our legal clients..." Mark Collins, Senior Security Consultant, NETprotocol

Complex Technology made Simple and Affordable

Reports of cybercrime are a daily occurrence and the legal industry is a primary target for attackers. The first line of defence for any business is network protection – in other words – your “Firewall”.

Despite the crucial role a Firewall plays, many firms don’t have the in-house skills required to install or securely configure Enterprise-class (Next Generation) Firewalls, which will combat the increasingly sophisticated zero-day attacks taking place

Whilst renewing your current annual subscription on an existing Firewall may seem like the best option for the moment – it is without doubt that Next Generation Firewalls offer the only “safe” solution if you want to keep your client data protected from a security breach.

Its easy when you know how…

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) can be a complex and expensive technology – yet with NETprotocol’s Managed Firewall Service this doesn’t have to be the case. With one of the most highly certified cyber-security teams in the UK, NETprotocol has made the prospect of a Next Generation Firewall both a simple and affordable option.

Offered on a predictable monthly subscriptions basis, we provide a fully flexible and scalable solution which includes configuration, software updates, 24/7 support and remote management. We also have the expertise to adapt the technology to meet ongoing needs, with the potential to configure it to work with remote sites, branch offices, your Data Centre and of course the network edge.

So, what’s in it for you?

As we typically work with highly regulated industries, NETprotocol has selected Forcepoint’s leading Next Generation Firewall technology, providing fully compliant & high performance network security to firms of all sizes.

Business Benefits:

  1. An unbeatable level of protection from malicious attacks to your network

  2. Can be scaled and re-configured easily to meet the changing needs of your business

  3. Significantly reduces TCO for both IT Security and Network Infrastructure

  4. Eliminates downtime or any potential for loss of communication or network access

  5. Zero disruption at the point of configuration, installation and updating

Technology Benefits:

  1. Blocks endpoint data exfiltration attempts with “intelligence aware” security controls

  2. Integrated application control, AET prevention and Intrustion Prevention system (IPS)

  3. Guaranteed high availability supported by real-time updates

  4. Superior flexibility with powerful centralised management portal of up to 2000 firewalls

  5. Multilink technology which optimises efficiency, resilience and failover connectivity

Weak or outdated Firewall technology could jeopardise the security of your client data.

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