Business continuity & backup solutions

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30 September 2021

Is your business looking to implement a more efficient and reliable backup solution? Improve the security and accessibility of your data? Or are you looking for a more scalable option which will sustain future growth objectives?

The volume and scale of data a business creates and relies upon daily is growing at an exponential rate. Many businesses still use backup solutions which are both dated, slow and unreliable. Yet without your data, there simply would be no business.

AT NETprotocol we have created a Business Continuity proposition which responds to this business critical issue and meets the strict compliance requirements of data driven industries. The solutions we offer are currently being deployed by some of the UKs Top 500 Legal companies nationwide demonstrating their credibility and reliability. With careful precision, we have established the skills and technologies to encompass both on-site back up to disk, offsite replication or a fully hosted solution, which can be designed to offer the most cost effective and efficient option for your business needs.

Key benefits of NETprotocol’s Business Continuity and Backup Solution include:

  • Guaranteed Data Integrity

  • Unlimited snapshots, Block level replications and Native Deduplication

  • Full backups every 15 minutes, taking seconds to complete, on or off-site

  • Almost instant restoration of files, folders and systems to any platform – physical or virtual

  • Significant reduction in need for Storage and Capacity

  • Predictable costs using a ‘pays as use’ subscription model

  • Reduced management hours and associated overheads

  • No longer a need for hardware renewals, upgrades or maintenance

By partnering with NETprotocol, we will allow you to differentiate your brand to those of your competitors. Enabling you to win new clients by demonstrating that you have invested in a truly secure, resilient and robust strategy for Business Continuity, at little extra cost to your business.

Case study - Onsite Backup & Offsite Disaster Recovery

“For the first time in my career, I can now say with confidence that we can both access and restore any data that has passed through our IT systems, almost instantly. This is truly ground-breaking in terms of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery which together form a critical part of any Legal firm’s IT strategy. This would not have been possible without NETprotocol whose expertise and technical knowledge of the legal sector is second-to-none, and today support 90% of Lee and Thompson’s IT infrastructure.”

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee & Thomson