Is your firewall up to scratch?

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1 September 2016

Reports of cybercrime are a daily occurrence and the legal industry is a primary target for criminals. The first line of defence for any business is network protection – in other words – A “Firewall”.

Many legal firms do not have the in-house skills or expertise required to install or securely configure what can be a complex and expensive technology – and often find themselves maintaining older appliances with the belief that by renewing this annually the unit will remain secure. Contrary to this belief, this is no longer the case due to the advanced evasion techniques that cyber-attackers now use, delivering malicious code in previously unseen payloads.

As the technologies required to combat these zero-day attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is a growing requirement for data-conscious firms to bring in outsourced skills to set up and oversee their Firewall – ensuring client information is not jeopardised through weak or outdated Firewall technology.

NETprotocol Ltd has worked with law firms for over 17 years and in response to the changing needs of clients, offers a service to deliver complex, enterprise-class Firewall technology simply and affordably to law firms of all sizes. As a Forcepoint Gold Partner, NETprotocol has one of the most highly certified cyber-security teams in the UK and supplies Forcepoint’s Next Generation Firewall as a managed service, protecting your networks with high performance, “intelligence aware” security, supported by real-time updates.

This enables NETprotocol to deliver the industry’s best defence technology against advanced evasions when and where you need it, with the ability to configure it to work at remote sites, branch offices, your Data Centre and of course the network edge.

Key technology features which differentiate Forcepoint include:

  • Ability to block sophisticated data breach attacks – the best protection for your business and digital assets

  • Guaranteed high availability and scalability securing your business critical applications

  • Superior flexibility with centralised management platform

  • Reduced TCO for security and network infrastructure

NETprotocol’s Next Generation Firewall Managed Service is an affordable, predictable monthly subscription including software updates, support and remote management. “Complex technology made simple”.

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Top Tip: Reviewing internet connection charges and contracts is often the perfect time to upgrade your firewall technology. NETprotocol, in partnership with their sister company Everything Voice, can offer a connectivity cost review which is likely to save you money or considerably increase your existing bandwidth at no additional cost.

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