An opportunity to increase phishing awareness

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News Article
1 July 2015

To a cyber-enemy, every user is a potential ingress point into your organization. One click on a malicious email could be devastating to an organization. Equally, deleting a legitimate email that piqued suspicion could result in a significant missed opportunity.

Phishing targets the vulnerabilities within us all — the human nature to trust popular brands, respond to urgent requests, or feel obligated to reciprocate. Unfortunately the cybercrime industry exploits these weaknesses through increasingly advanced social engineering practices.

Intel Security created a Phishing Quiz, emulating real-world emails sourced from McAfee Labs, to put business users to the challenge. The emulated emails consist of a mix of legitimate and malicious samples. The mission is to accurately classify all 10.

Intel Security ran the quiz as part of their security awareness program and learned which groups of employees needed additional training. They also learned which tactics employees were most susceptible to. As a bonus, they infact felt a palpable benefit with a 28% increase in spam reports to their SOC from employees during the period. This was encouraging, as it showed that employees had good behaviour in reporting incidences as well as a desire to reduce personal and business risk.

Curious how your organization performs? We can arrange a custom URL to run this quiz within your own organization and provide valuable insights into the tactics most effective on your organization, and even provide average score by country as appropriate. We encourage you to leverage this free tool as part of your arsenal to gain insights into how your employees handle phishing. Take it further and use the results to tailor future training to strengthen the human side of your defences.

For more information or to set up a custom URL, contact the team at NETprotocol any time on 0330 055 3385, or email