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29 September 2021

NETprotocol Certification

Platinum Partner -

“Networking made easy”

NETprotocol has partnered with network and switching specialist Allied Telesis, to provide reliable and resilient technology solutions to the UK education sector. Together, we build wireless networking solutions which ensure security, minimise disruption and enable unmatched roaming performance, combined with lower running costs, to meet the evolving needs of education providers in the UK.


As the modern teacher increasingly relies on technology to create additional value and enhance the learning experience for their students, the need for a high speed and secure network infrastructure has never been greater. Both students and teachers use digital toolboxes and textbooks, as well as online lessons to connect both in and outside of school, making this is a critical consideration for any tech manager in both schools and academies UK wide.


Between the explosion of IoT and the power of mobile today, it is crucial to have a network that is secure, fast and reliable. Allied Telesis provides just that – in a scalable format that will fit to a school of any size.


Why Choose Allied Telesis?

  1. Seamless Roaming – Single channel and multi-channel wireless at the same time, on the same AP, for the ultimate mobile experience

  2. Rapid Deployment – Expand your wireless network effortlessly, without the need for channel planning or additional cabling

  3. Easy Management – Automated radio optimisation for the best coverage, without costly manual intervention

  The Benefits To Your School…

  • High-speed wired and wireless access – High definition video conferencing, interactive whiteboards and other smart devices require high-speed, highly available network access

  • High-density wireless – Students can use up to 5 different wireless devices on campus, which require a network that doesn’t compromise performance or connectivity

  • Physical security – Enabling video surveillance of people and property so that learning can continue unhindered and without disruption

  • Outdoor wireless – provides seamless wireless connectivity to support student learning, wherever they choose to connect

For more information on Allied Telesis or to book a live demo of the technology, please contact us as below: