A 'nimble' storage solution for legal firms

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News Article
23 April 2016

NETprotocol brings pioneering storage solution to Legal sector, with the help of technology partner Nimble Storage.
NETprotocol has joined forces with Nimble Storage just in time for the launch of their Predictive All Flash Arrays – set to deliver extreme performance for Legal firms in the world of storage. The release of their AF-Series will change the face of the storage market worldwide, in terms of both performance, rack space and technology ROI.

As the only Legal IT specialist to have partnered with Nimble Storage, the All-Flash Arrays will enable NETprotocol to deliver Flash-like performance at Non-Flash costs, offering an ideal and completely unique solution to the highly diverse storage needs of their legal clients nationwide. An all-purpose SAN solution, its resilience has been proven by real world statistics, measured at an unbeatable 99.9997% uptime, with a TCO of up to 66% less than all other All Flash arrays.

With a range of all-inclusive features built in to the platform (without additional charge), one to highlight is its InfoSight Predictive Analytics which eliminates the risk of disruption and downtime through its 24/7 Proactive Monitoring capabilities. Nine out of ten issues are detected before you even know about them, whilst it also supplies critical data to predict future needs intelligently and forecast budgets accurately.

In addition to InfoSight, other standard features include encryption and replication, both of which are a prerequisite for organisations handling any form of legal or confidential data. As part of the solution, data is protected and a highly efficient replication process takes place which includes failover and failback, minimising bandwidth requirements as a result.

Driven by the technology challenges faced by legal firms every day, Nimble’s AF-Series fits perfectly with NETprotocol’s focus on creating scalable solutions, which offer their clients the flexibility to adapt their infrastructure to meet future business needs – without the need to start from scratch every time. Nimble’s Unified Flash Fabric allows a seamless mix of All Flash & Adaptive Flash in one array, allowing firms to scale up at comparatively low cost, with zero downtime.

Nimble has clearly left no stone unturned. Demonstrating pure technical brilliance, they started from the ground up when building this architecture, ultimately bringing to market a product which can’t be matched in terms of efficiency and storage footprint. Outperforming the competition by up to 90% in terms of rack space required for comparable storage capacity, users can expect vastly enhanced performance with significant cost savings.

NETprotocol has specialised in Legal technology for more than 15 years, designing, deploying and maintaining highly efficient, secure and resilient IT infrastructures on behalf of Top 200 and SMB law firms. “Our experience, combined with Nimble’s recent arrival as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for General Purpose Disk Arrays has enabled us to together build the most credible storage solution on the market, which provides our legal clients with an unrivalled ROI,” says Mike Batters, Technical Director at NETprotocol.

“Through partnering with Nimble, we are able to offer our clients a top-rate investment opportunity which will transform their business, allowing them to work faster than ever and ultimately drive continued growth.”

Nimble are particularly excited about the potential the new AF-Series offers the Legal sector. Emma Batey, Nimble’s UK Channel Manager confirms, “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with such a specialist partner as NETprotocol – their knowledge and experience of the legal sector is second to none and offers Nimble the opportunity to deliver credible and high performance solutions to the UK legal market with great confidence”.

For more information on NETprotocol’s storage solutions or Nimble’s recently launched Predictive All Flash Array – please contact NETprotocol on 0330 055 3385.