Wired & Wireless Network Managed Services

We are seeing many SMB and multi-site corporate clients adopt a new approach to managing their networks due to the severe impact that new technologies such as IoT, BYOD, Big Data and Cloud services are having on their performance. With these technologies only set to become more pervasive and place continued strain on keeping your network running efficiently – the need to find a more reliable, flexible and cost effective solution to sustaining strong network performance and health is becoming inevitable.

Why Network Managed Services?

As demand escalates from employees for advanced technologies and new ways of working often using multiple devices – so do their expectations of your network. Faster response times and maximum uptime require superior network resilience and passing this pressure on to an already over-stretched IT team isn’t always the best answer.

NETprotocol offer an outsourced solution which encompasses network monitoring, management and support and which takes away the headache of having to recruit and train a new staff member to the expert level a complex network requires. Offering the technical skills of a specialised network manager, we are on-hand 24/7 and proactively monitor network performance to eliminate disruption and downtime.

Getting More out of your Budget

In addition to simplifying the complexity of managing today’s networks – outsourcing the management of your networks to NETprotocol will provide a lower cost alternative to that you could achieve in-house, eliminating staffing and training costs and enabling your IT Team to focus on strategic, revenue-generating tasks.

Key Benefits: 

  • Fully Integrated with NETprotocol’s Support Offering including advice, 24/7 support with visibility
  • Ideal for full management of:
    – Satellite sites in larger networks / corporates
    – SME businesses with smaller/busy teams & limited networking skills
  • No on-site device/VM required
  • Excellent solution when in tandem with Managed Service Firewall
  • Significant cost savings & increased flexibility / scalability 

For more information on NETprotocol’s Managed Service Offering, please contact us on the below details: