Forcepoint Network Security & SD-WAN

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networks) technologies are seeing significant popularity as they offer a fast, cost effective & flexible means of building Wide Area Networks compared to traditional WAN technologies such as MPLS & VPLS.

Combining industry-leading Firewall technologies & SD-WAN enables organisations to reduce the total number of connections needed, simplifying network design and reducing cost without compromising on security or performance. Watch this video to find out more:

Network security is an ongoing challenge as organizations become more distributed, applications move to the cloud and threats rapidly evolve. The most secure and efficient enterprise firewall from Forcepoint, is centrally managed, always on & relentless, protecting your enterprise’s datacenters, edges, branches, cloud networks and the people that use them.

Connect and protect your branches and remote offices with Secure SD-WAN

Forcepoint Secure SD-WAN combines multi-ISP connectivity over commercial broadband and MPLS leased lines with unrivalled security that’s all centrally managed. Remotely deploy Forcepoint NGFW to branches or remote offices via our zero-touch deployment and Installation Cloud. Our zero-downtime approach to clustering multiple firewalls keeps you up and safely running even when you’re updating policies or upgrading the software in the devices themselves. Whether you have a few offices or hundreds globally incorporating data centres as well, our Smart Policies cut the effort needed to set up consistent meshed networks by up to 70%. And, we make it easy to secure communication between desktop systems & your back office networks & Guest WiFi to minimise your compliance concerns and maximise your productivity.

Manage your growing encrypted SSL/TLS traffic with consistent performance everywhere

Inspecting SSL/TLS traffic for incoming attacks or outgoing data loss requires high performance decryption and encryption that also complies with privacy laws. Forcepoint’s Smart Policies give you fine-grained control quickly and seamlessly everywhere across your network – in physical appliances, virtualized datacenters and even in the cloud.

Keep Visibility and Security as You Scale Your Business Up to the Cloud

Manage and protect data in your virtual environments like Software-Defined Networking (SDN) as well as data moving between them, whether going into private cloud environments like VMware NSX or public cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). From Layer 2 firewalls to NGFWs and IPS to SSL/TLS encryption inspection, automatically provision software-defined firewalls (SDFW), enforce consistent policies with complete visibility, and interactively investigate and visualize threats whenever they arise, all from a single pane of glass. Manage up to thousands of devices on a global scale simply and easily with Forcepoint NGFW.  The ability to use SSL/TLS decryption & inspection over SD-WAN connections sets Forcepoint NGFW apart from many other SD-WAN solutions which are blind to this content within the network.

Are You Vulnerable to The Evasion Gap?

The 2017 NSS Labs NGFW Test uncovered an “Evasion Gap”, in which many vendors’ firewalls are vulnerable to advanced evasion techniques. With Evader by Forcepoint, our ready-made evasion test lab, you can quickly see which vendors leave you exposed and which close the door on attacks. CHECK HERE >>

We are looking to organise an SD-WAN and Wide Integrations event in future. To express an interest in this event, or for more information on SD-WAN in general, please contact us below: