Extreme Network Subscription: On-Demand Network Acquisition

Extreme Network Subscription is the ONLY on-premise, enterprise-class networking technology that can be purchased through a flexible ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly subscription, enabling your network to evolve and to flexibly deploy, re-deploy or upgrade, in line with the changing needs of your business.

NETprotocol will help you select the features, technology and footprint required to achieve your business priorities. We can then adapt or build on these at no cost, as many times as you need in the future.

Your Network – Your Payment Terms

We are all aware that the ‘digital revolution’ is taking hold and as this continues, businesses are left to find ways of modernising their technology infrastructure to meet strategic goals which are continuously changing.

This sets an almost impossible task – whilst traditional Capex payment models tie you in to solutions which will need replacing in a matter of years and simply can’t guarantee they will fulfil future requirements – whether these relate to compliance, data center growth/consolidation, big data, BYOD initiatives, security or remote access amongst others.

For customers who are looking to maintain maximum flexibility, designed without resrictive terms and pay through a manageable monthly subscription, Extreme Network Subscription is the only solution that achieves just this….

Extreme Network Subscription (ENS) delivers: 

  • A Modern Network with Predictable Monthly Costs
  • On-Premise Technology with As-a-Service Agility
  • Zero Risk with No Captial Expenditure or Minimum Contract Term 
  • The Flexibility to Buy What You Want, Where You Want, When You Want It
  • A Customer-Centric, Purpose-Built, Enterprise-Class Solution

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