NETprotocol Certification

Gold Partner

NETprotocol has achieved Gold Partner status with Exinda, providing the unique ability to deliver WAN Optimization, Network Control and Application Monitoring in a single integrated suite. Together with Exinda, we enable clients to optimise and control their networks without the complexity commonly associated with alternative network management tools.

Exinda Bandwidth Management products enable NETprotocol to deliver complete control over bandwidth utilisation at Application and Subnet levels.  This allows administrators to prioritise key business applications such as Voice & VDI and control overall utilisation.

Our ground breaking compression technologies give the added advantage of up 90% bandwidth savings, offering immediate and ongoing cost savings over planned upgrades to leased lines or adding circuits.

The first step to effective management is Discovery & Reporting. We have found many Network Administrators know what business application traffic has been introduced to the network but are often surprised when the ‘discovery’ process identifies recreational applications passing through firewalls.

Once applications have been identified, NETprotocol empower IT Managers and Business leaders to manage these to ensure the best user experience is provided, prioritising applications based on the individual or group who is using them.

To further enhance our bandwidth management solution, we can help our clients reduce overall bandwidth utilisation through “WAN Memory”.  To achieve this, we have selected the Exinda WAN Memory technology which is capable of caching data blocks to prevent repetitive transmission over WAN links. Having applied this technology many times, we have learnt that many applications such as Intranets, SharePoint Applications and File Services benefit, with users reporting a marked improvement on application responses, time to print and much more. The reduction in bandwidth also enables administrators to allow other applications to use greater amounts of bandwidth, therefore drastically improving the performance of other applications.

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