Why are people still using Dropbox for business?

NETprotocol's private filesharing platform has been built to meet legal compliance and data protection.


Document File Sharing

As the trend for mobile and remote working continues to grow, so does the need to access and share files over the internet. Corporate Data and information needs to be handled and shared with absolute integrity, where consequences for lack of confidentiality or protection can have devastating effects.

With such a wide range of hosted file sharing solutions available today, it can be unclear as to where your data is being physically stored, with little assurance of how secure it really is?

NETprotocol is the first specialist Legal IT Consultancy to respond to this growing concern providing the legal sector and other security conscious industries with a bespoke, privately hosted file sharing solution, which ensures files can be accessed and shared without compromising data security in any way.  Several of our clients were faced with this specific challenge and asked if we could help.

NETprotocol’s private hosted file sharing platform has been built to meet the compliance requirements for data security and confidentiality, of some of the most strictly regulated industries in the UK.

Offering you a comprehensive suite of features and benefits, our privately hosted and bespoke file sharing platform will allow you to:

  • Collaborate securely with employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Access files on any device, from any location
  • Reduce the use of e-mail to transfer files
  • Control which employees can share or access which file types
  • Set passwords for shared files
  • Minimise the risk of files being accessed by outside threats
  • Reduce costs for postage
  • Minimise time required for obtaining signed documentation
  • Set time limits on how long a file can be accessed
  • Synchronise files across all devices to your network automatically
  • Upload and Download single or multiple files at any one time

From SMBs to Legal Top 200 firms, NETprotocol’s private hosted file sharing application enables employees to share authorised information securely with a dedicated recipient from any location. Overall control and settings can be managed by your IT Manager, or by NETprotocol’s technical team, using sophisticated and intelligent technologies which optimise security in every respect.