Disaster Recovery (DR)

How effective is your current strategy for Disaster Recovery?

The risk of experiencing significant downtime, or even worse temporary or permanent loss of data, is one that any organisation cannot afford to take. At NETprotocol, we understand the compliance requirements imposed by key regulatory bodies. Through working closely with the legal sector, we have had to invest strongly in developing the most secure and robust Disaster Recovery (DR) proposition possible.

Today we offer and deploy this highly credible DR solution to organisations across the UK, of any size and from any sector. To summarise, key features include:

  • Full replication of all data to ISO accredited Tier 3+ UK Based Data Centre 
  • Updates taken as often as every 15 minutes
  • Instant restoration of files from any point in time
  • Huge reduction in associated overheads and costs
  • Limitless capacity which can grow with business needs
  • Predictable costs on a monthly basis
  • 100% secure, 100% reliable and 100% compliant

If you are looking to introduce a new or review your existing Disaster Recovery strategy and prevent the irreversible effects of a system failure or unforeseen disaster, NETprotocol can advise on which solutions would work best for your business and provide the greatest return on your IT investment.

Through combining regular backups several times a day, with full replications of your data every 24 hours to our UK based Tier 3+ data centre, NETprotocol can offer a fully tested, reliable and secure solution which enables an almost instant recovery of your data and infrastructure whenever required.

Associated Technology Partners

Case study - Onsite Backup & Offsite Disaster Recovery

“For the first time in my career, I can now say with confidence that we can both access and restore any data that has passed through our IT systems, almost instantly. This is truly ground-breaking in terms of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery which together form a critical part of any Legal firm’s IT strategy. This would not have been possible without NETprotocol whose expertise and technical knowledge of the legal sector is second-to-none, and today support 90% of Lee and Thompson’s IT infrastructure.”

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee & Thomson

Lee & Thomson Case Study