Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Solutions

NETprotocol offers a range of hosted software applications on a subscription basis which are licensed to the user. Whether you are looking for a cloud hosted managed service or a hybrid cloud deployment, NETprotocol has the expertise and resource to design a solution which fits the bespoke needs of your business, offering many benefits including:

  1. Predictable Costs
  2. No maintenance, renewals or upgrades
  3. Reduced overheads and expenditure
  4. Flexibility to fit with changing needs – ‘Pay as you Use’
  5. Reduced management time
  6. Dedicated 24/7 Support Desk

Offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) and Backup

NETprotocol’s hosted Disaster Recovery solution involves continuous back up to disk which can take place on-premise or hosted, together with a full replication of data to dedicated servers within our UK based Tier 3+ secure Data Centre. Backups can run every 15 minutes and take seconds to complete.

This proposition has been built for businesses who are looking for a highly secure, scalable and reliable solution to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, and are interested in the opportunity to make significant cost savings on overheads and storage.

Hosted E-mail and Web

NETprotocol’s Enterprise E-mail Security software can be delivered as a hosted SaaS solution on a license per user basis, offering clients a flexible and cost effective option for Email and Web Security including features such as: Targeted Attack Protection (TAP); Data Loss Prevention; E-mail Encryption; Global Enterprise Archiving; and Information Governance.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection

NETprotocol has selected SentinelOne as its sole partner for providing guaranteed Next Generation Endpoint security. Through this technology we are able to unify prevention, detection and response in to a single, easy to deploy platform that scales to hundreds of thousands of endpoints – and at a highly competitive cost.

Microsoft SPLA and Office 365

NETprotocol are a Microsoft SPLA certified partner and have the rights to host a range of Microsoft software and license these products to clients on a subscriptions basis. A wide range of Microsoft Office products are offered through the SPLA programme and can provide cost savings when deployed correctly. To find out more contact the team at NETprotocol on 0330 055 3385 or e-mail

For more information on our SaaS Solutions or to discuss how these might help you reduce costs whilst get more out of your IT within your business, please contact us on the details below: