Data loss prevention solution

Don’t let your business be the bait for the next big Phishing attack!

As specialists in the legal sector, we’ve seen that legacy Data Loss Prevention technology no longer meets the needs of the fast evolving threat landscape. Shaped by the emerging trends of hosted IT, mobile and BYOD, keeping a hold of your vulnerable data and ensuring it is secure whilst in your posession, is a challenging task.

To help our clients win this battle, NETprotocol has partnered with the award winning data loss prevention technology provider, Clearswift. Together we are dedicated to ensuring that data-driven organisations such as those in the legal and education sectors – are fully protected from inside and outside threats.

At NETprotocol, we believe that Clearswift’s ARgon solution for Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) is the best in the market for protecting businesses against phishing, ramsomware and spoofing.

How Does ARgon Work?

Clearswift’s ARgon technology is a highly intelligent adaptive data protection platform; in simple terms, it works as an additional layer to your existing security solution – pinpointing and extracts emails with confidential data or suspicious information within them before they leave or enter the business – such as bank details or personal credentials – encrypting these to ensure they are completely secure once they leave the security of your IT network. Moreso, this doesn’t have any affect on the flow of communication, meaning there is no ‘block and stop’ required and allowing your business to run without disruption.

ARgon’s 3 Core Components:

  1. Data Redaction – This feature identifies and removes the risk of any sensitive information leaving or entering your business
  2. Document sanitisation – This feature detects and removes emails that include risky PDF’s and documents/attachments which could contain damaging information or malware
  3. Structural sanitisation – This feature allows you to protect business interests by purging common document formats of active and embedded content.

N.B – Active and embedded content is now the most common way that an attacker can infiltrate an organisation, so ARgon protects your employees from opening emails that have been sent by someone posing as an employee.

Technology Benefits

  • Simple to implement into the current infrastructure of any organisation
  • ARgon is an award winning product for internet safety
  • Most effective for businesses that send confidential information in and out of the organisation
  • Protects you from both internal and extrenal threats

This Video Explains How ARgon’s Adaptive Redaction Technology Works: 

For more information or to see a technology demo of Clearswift’s ARgon – please contact us on the below details: