Case Studies

Client satisfaction sits at the heart of everything we do.

Please see below for a selection of feedback we have received form our clients:

HOMEWORKING: "The move over to Citrix and relocation of our network infrastructure was one of the most well-timed decisions we could have made and this was made even better with NETprotocol’s planning and deployment. Due to the bespoke and specialised software we use, I genuinely don’t know how we would have outfitted a remote staff force effectively. Citrix can be run on any computer and required very little user training. What would have been a nightmare ordeal has turned into a comparative walk in the park thanks to NETprotocol.

Conrad Kent, Systems Administrator, SortLegal

REMOTE WORKING: "Thanks to our forward thinking IT consultants NETprotocol and the implementation of remote Citrix access with 2FA, we were able to move all of our 90 staff from office working to full remote working in under a day. With full remote access and the implementation of Office 365, this has allowed us to continue to service our clients 100% with no working interruptions whatsoever. Knowing we have the full IT support from the NETprotocol team behind us lets us get on with the job in hand - keeping our clients happy."

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee & Thompson

NETWORKING: "Having been introduced to Extreme by our Legal IT friends at NETprotocol, it is clear to me the 'Cisco way' is not always the best way! The introduction of Extreme’s subscription payment model quite simply means we can enhance IT performance without increasing costs, which makes it an unbeatable solution offering in my eyes.”

James Hood, Head of ICT, Lupton Fawcett LLP


“We were surprised and pleased at the notable difference this plug and play tool has made to our SQL Server transactions. The fact that we just downloaded the trial and noted an immediate performance increase even when we were testing at a relatively quiet time of year, makes us excited to see what MaxParallel will deliver at peak workloads.”

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee and Thompson


“What I do know for sure, is that our achievements would not have been possible without the commitment and skills of the team of IT professionals that I work with, including those at NETprotocol. They would quite literally move heaven and earth to ensure that we meet and often exceed our objectives."

James Hood, Lupton Fawcett LLP, Head of ICT


“It quickly became apparent that the other storage vendors we were considering offered us less storage and required a complex multi-tiered deployment, at a far greater cost than that which Nimble’s Adaptive Flash Array would bring. The difference in both value and performance offered by Nimble was pretty staggering and appears to be completely unmatched in this marketplace.”

Paul Kernohan, Head of IT, Kenton School


“It’s vitally important that confidential data belonging to our clients is 100% safe. I’m really happy with the advice NETprotocol offered and the solution they implemented. We are able to access our systems securely from anywhere, at anytime which is great for our customers.”

Jon Stones, Managing Director - Mortgage 1st


“We recently migrated to the cloud, bringing the need for enterprise-class firewall capabilities to fully secure the network border. NETprotocol recommended Forcepoint's technology which they deliver as a managed service. As a result, we now benefit from the complex level of protection provided by Forcepoint's Next Generation Firewall, which is fully managed and monitored by Legal IT experts NETprotocol, offering us a fully secure, cost effective and hassle-free solution.

Penny Reddington, Jordans Solicitors


“The nature of our business and the high profile clients we work with dictates we take the necessary steps to minimise any risk of cyber-attacks. With new strains of ransomware being continuously developed, we have further strengthened our security with the introduction of Proofpoint's Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) which has been purposefully built to catch any threats unknown to traditional security platforms. For us to provide optimum assurance to our clients in terms of the confidentiality of their data, we felt this was an absolute necessity."

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee & Thompson

“We asked NETprotocol to implement a Proof of Concept for Proofpoint's Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) to form an added layer of protection to cyber-threats. This was in addition to our other security measures, and NETprotocol made it a quick and painless installation. We were able to identify and remove a high volume of suspicious or malicious e-mails reaching our network, which had evaded our existing security platform. Having gone live with NETprotocol’s Managed TAP service, we now know we are protected against email and URL threats in real time.”

Penny Reddington, Jordans Solicitors

"We built up a close and trusted relationship with NETprotocol over 15+ years of working together hand in hand using their technical expertise to ensure our IT budget was fully aligned with our overall business strategy. NETprotocol’s effective and daily management of our IT infrastructure has been crucial to business performance and achieving key business objectives such as office expansion, infrastructure refresh, network security and Disaster Recovery."

Brett Raymond, Head of IT, Hempsons

"For the first time in my career, I can now say with confidence that we can both access and restore any data that has passed through our IT systems, almost instantly. This is truly ground-breaking in terms of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and would not have been possible without NETprotocol whose expertise and technical knowledge of the legal sector is unmatched, and today support 90% of Lee and Thompson’s IT infrastructure."

Rob Hilton, Head of IT, Lee & Thompson

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"Thanks to NETprotocol, we have a scalable solution that supports high density usage and works together seamlessly. I have worked with many technology partners over the years and the technical expertise at NETprotocol is second to none. They add real value, at a realistic cost and offered the most long-term option which we can scale over time. It all boils down to trust. We consider them an extension to our own IT team and we trust them to look after us."

Paul Kernohan, Network Manager, Kenton School, Newcastle