Win 15 free users for private cloud storage platform - built for Legal firms

To celebrate 15 years of working in Legal IT, NETprotocol are exclusively offering 15 free users for 15 months on our private cloud storage platform. Offer ends 31st March 2016.

With so many hosted file sharing solutions available today, it is an ongoing challenge for legal firms to know what platforms employees are accessing and sharing information through – and therefore where their data is being physically stored or whether it is secure. NETprotocol’s private cloud storage solution has been developed to overcome all these issues, ensuring that confidentiality is not compromised in anyway and enabling IT Managers to keep data within their private network at all times.

What’s included:

  • Access to files on any device from any location
  • Controls for defining which employees can access which information
  • Share information securely between customers, employees & other stakeholders
  • Synchronise files to the network so they can be updated anytime anywhere
  • Reduce security threats by avoiding external filesharing platforms
  • Password protect files which are shared
  • Minimise costs for post and time required for signing documentation

How to claim 15 free users for 15 months:

By doing one of the below options – you will enter a prize draw for winning access to NETprotocol’s private and secure cloud storage platform for 15 months. You can either:

1.       Complete the form below or

2.       Share this tweet with your network:

‘Share this tweet to win 15 free users for 15 months on secure cloud storage platform built for #legal firms #legal15’

15 free users for 15 months - Private Cloud Storage Platform

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