WHITEPAPER - Top 5 Causes of Application Delays & How To Bridge The App-Data Gap

As legal firms have come to expect immediate access to data all the time and without interruption, unfortunately for many, the reality does not meet expectations. To achieve it, many IT leaders have the arduous task of unravelling the maze of issues that impact data delivery to applications. The benefits however of sourcing and removing the bottleneck are open-ended, impacting productivity, customer experience and ultimately the efficiency of your business.

In order to address the app-data gap, you must understand the root cause. To assist, Nimble Storage – a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company – has analysed more than 12,000 anonymised cases of downtime and slow performance. From this research, our Whitepaper uncovers the true cause of application disruptions and slowdowns including:

  • Top 5 causes of downtime and poor performance across the infrastructure stack
  • How machine learning and predictive analytics can prevent issues
  • Steps you can take to boost performance and availability