WHITEPAPER - The Impact of Digital Transformation on Your Network

The digital era has arrived and is changing the business landscape faster than ever. This is why digital transformation has become a top mandate for almost every IT and business leader. The ZK Research 2018 IT Priorities Survey found that 89% of businesses currently have digital transformation initiatives underway (see Graph 1 below).

Graph 1

In the digital business era, sustaining market leadership is no longer about having the best products, the lowest prices or the best people. Rather, the industry leaders will be determined by your ability to understand market transitions and capitalise on them faster than the competition.

A critical step in the journey to becoming a digital organisation is transforming into an agile business. Doing so requires the business’ IT infrastructure to be dynamic and able to adapt when required. However, an organization can only be as agile as its least agile IT component, which today is the network—particularly the network edge.

To help your business get started, please read this whitepaper which provides advice on: key networking solutions; how to invest in these to increase agility; how automation strategies can be used to improve performance; and some recommendations on how to ensure your network doesn’t hold back digital transformation in your business.