WHITEPAPER: Calculate the TCO of your Endpoint Protection

In light of the changing threat landscape and the new GDPR compliance being impemented, law firms are reviewing their current strategies for Endpoint protection. Gone are the days when a single Antivirus solution will suffice, with the need for law firms to now ensure a variety of endpoint devices are fully secure from advanced threats.

Together with their $1Million warranty to protect you against ransomware attacks – SentinelOne can also demonstrate exceptional value and simplicity from their single platform solution.

This WHITEPAPER dives in to two principal endpoint strategies: a multi-solution and a single platform approach, looking at what you’re really paying for with both options and what the critical capabilities are of each solution.

To see a break down of your TCO for Endpoint protection – including the impact on cost of the solutions, IT resources, management and productivity amongst others, DOWNLOAD the whitepaper here: 

WHITEPAPER - Endpoint Protection: A TCO Perspective