EBOOK: TOP 5 QUESTIONS To Ask When Selecting A Cloud Managed Network

Many schools are looking for ways to reduce costs and alleviate their over-stretched IT team – which is raising the question as to whether making the transition to a cloud-driven network, would help them better manage and optimise IT performance.

Is A Cloud-Managed Network Right For Your Organisation?

Deciding if a cloud-managed network is the best solution for your organisation is pretty simple! You need to ensure you’re asking the right questions based on your school or college’s individual requirements and preferences with key considerations being:

  • Ease of deployment
  • Scalability
  • Remote site configuration
  • Traffic control and prioritisation
  • Costs & affordability

This short E-BOOK is your ONE-STOP GUIDE to help your organisation establish:

  • What your school/college wants to achieve from your network
  • Whether a cloud-driven solution will meet your needs
  • Which questions to ask when selecting the best solution