WEBINAR: "The Changing Face of Storage"

We all expect our data to be available instantly, not least in the legal sector, where efficiency and performance are critical requirements to raising your competitive position.

Join us on this one-off STORAGE SHOWCASE for Legal Firms, where we will establish common storage issues faced by the industry and provide an overview of how Nimble Storage has revolutionised the way in which law firms can optimise storage performance, achieving Flash-like performance at Non-flash costs.

Delivered by NETprotocol’s Founder Mike Batters, with Senior Systems Engineer at Nimble, Richard Fenton.

To access the recorded version – click below:


Key benefits

  • Extreme Data Velocity
  • Rack Space Reduced by <90%
  • Unmatched Pricepoint
  • Proven Uptime of <99.999%
  • Encryption & Replication
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Zero Disruption